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My all-inclusive collection starts at 950.

Whether your session takes place in front of the NYC skyline, in a park, or on the beach, my heart will definitely skip a beat while capturing the love and genuine connection of your family. My session is not your average family photo shoot, just like you are not an average family. My goal is to make your session an amazing, personalized experience—one where you and your family can practically forget the camera is there. 

My sessions are all about having fun, being relaxed, and just being YOU. We play, we laugh, we sing, we giggle. And while you relax, a memory unfolds, and I’ll be there to capture it-—in gorgeous light-—with my experienced eye. 

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your storyteller Session

My all-inclusive collection starts at 1050.

Have you stopped what you were doing with your family and thought, "Hey, I wish I could hold on to ALL of this?" That moment where you clearly see the absolute perfection of your chaotic and beautiful life as a family? The moment where you quite literally say, “Be still my heart?” 
You watch your husband wearing a tiara while having an imaginary picnic or tea party. The silliness and joy of your nightly dance party, the quiet moments at bedtime, making a drawing, or baking cupcakes. Your house is anything but organized. Laundry is sitting in a basket. Toys are likely scattered all over the floor or paint and stickers are stuck on your table. But these moments don’t just happen inside. They happen at your favorite park, on the swings, throwing a ball, going for ice cream or even heading to your favorite zoo. 
These moments make up YOUR Storyteller session. These moments document your perfectly imperfect life that you want to hold on forever. 

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